These resources explore issues important to the conference. Over time, resources will be added to the list. Participants should prepare for the conference by familiarizing themselves with these documents.

  • Sea Level Rise Effects on Maritime Boundaries, by A.H.A. Soons, published by NILR in 1990. Although the article may seem old (1990), it is still applicable and demonstrates that some of the present concerns have been voiced already many years ago. Article used by permission.

The Scenario

The conference disaster scenario will be provided to participants at the conference. The Fred Friendly dialogue works best when participants are able to "think on their feet." Participants will need to reconcile varying viewpoints on the spot as the scenario unfolds. To help participants prepare, the website's Resources page will be updated throughout the winter and spring with read-ahead articles and papers specifically devoted to issues and solutions panelists will debate at the conference.

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